Music Production
For all your production needs I'm your guy.

​Whether you're looking for the soothing,  trickling pianos or dark djembe warcrys, I'm your guy. If you have a gnawing melody get in touch and we can change it to a instrumental.
Session Pianist
You have a beat already but would like some piano in it...
I'm your guy.

​I offer services in studio or via email. I'm happy to add some of my interpretation or something you're hearing. I send files in wav, mp3 and midi format for more control. If you need me for a performance, let's get in touch.
Live Pianist/Performer
You have a corporate function, a restaurant or even a bar and require some ambience or character... I'm your guy.

​With my hands and vocals I provide music to different types of audiences depending on what's required of me. Background piano for corporates, keys and raps for pubs, let's get in touch.
Coca Cola 75th Anniversary (2015)
Music Production Tutoring
You've decided to enter the art of creating beats for yourself or for other people and need some guidance...
I'm your guy.

We'll tackle the ins and outs of different ways to tackle and improve you're art together. This is from novices to seasoned producers.