Jumped On A Plane & Wrote This EP

In 2015 I jumped on a plane and wrote this EP. Each song relates to an experience that I had during my trip to Minnesota, MN which is in the USA. This project was made with you, the listener in mind. Whether you need a pick me up, a story to decipher or a kickstart to your day, I'm sure you'll find a tune that will resonate with you... and hopefully makes it's way to your playlists.

The lead single, I Feel It has received radio airplay from regional and has a lyric video. To get my EP, head over to iTunes, Google Play or  Amazon Music. If you'd prefer to stream it on Apple Music, it's on there too.
Release Date: 08 March 2016
Stream on Spotify and Tidal just search SkillMusicSA
Every song in this tape has a story or a source of inspiration that I've documented somehow. I've added that story to each track below to help you understand where my mind was at and to give you more understanding behind the lyrics.
Radio Interviews

I FEEL IT (Lead Single)

So the story behind "I Feel It"... this is the first song I wrote for the EP. Since the first time I went to the states I was advised to prepare for my trip by adjusting my watch, not sleeping on my first connecting flight etc. 
Being the stubborn person I tend to be at times... I did none of that. Jetlag hit me hard and I struggled to keep  my eyes open after 7pm.
The third time I went to the states, April 2015, I did as I was told a year or so ago. I stayed awake until 3am (GMT +2) on the first plane.
When I made it to the states I had slight jetlag but the next day I woke up at the correct time, 8am. I felt the difference and it felt good. That was when I put the pen to the pad with I Feel It.


It just so happened that I went to the states during a FAMSAK(2015) event and the team I was in decided to go as team America.
I finally had a reason to buy some American apparel, which I use as part of my video campaigns.
En route to Minneapolis from St.Joe with B, we stopped off at a gas station. I hopped out the car with my red, white and blue swag and walts off with the biggest limp in my leg. A random lady said to me "It's definitely 4th of July for you, ain't it?"
This song was inspired by that whole day.


I only realized how much I like chicken when I was cleaning up my pictures from my first two trips to the USA. I found a picture where I'm sitting in front of large chicken wings.
In the 2015 trip, I went to a farmer's market and there was a large chicken statue and I got excited.
The amount of love I have for chicken inspired me to get a few friends involved in making a promo video. Thank you to everyone that took part, much love. Promo video will be out next week.

You're So Free (Interlude)

The interlude, You're So Free is the inspiration behind the next 
track, Long Ago. I needed a storyteller and this poem got the creative juices going.


A friend of mine sent me a poem that got me thinking. I probably read the poem five times and then decided, ey... I need a serious song. I had the idea but needed creative momentum.
While watching the TV series, The Blacklist... a monologue from the lead actress, Megan Boone as Elizabeth Keen, hit home. It was as if a message I was meant to hear  finally came. 


If you're familiar with my past music works, Queen will be a "Ah ha" moment. It's a stripped down version of my Heartache II lead single, My Queen.
Even though the words were written way before my first trip to USA, they seemed to be very relevant to the situation I was in at the time of my trip.

Final Words

How you can get a hold of #JOAPAWTEP

If you've made it all the way to here, I'm assuming you've listened to my tape. Thank you very much for your time and your support. Without you, this EP would mean nothing.
I'll be travel to the US "one last time" in April 2016 and so I've had to rely on CD sales and streams to help me raise more paper. This is where you can get #JOAPAWTEP:
​Google Play
Lastly, if you'd like a physical copy of the tape send me an email: info@skillmusicsa.com or whatsapp  +27835709602.