The Heartache Series

When I started the Heartache Series it was for me to express myself, improve my craft and to test the waters when it came to releasing music. 808's, Distortion and Heartache was the first mixtape I released. 
Heartach3 is the last mixtape of the series and the most 
commercially appealing of the three mixtapes.
With Heartach3 I decided to feature more people and also make it less experimental. As the name of the mixtape says, the theme for this tape was about lost love, soon to be lost love and a reflexion of lost love.
Similarly to the previous mixtapes, Heartach3 had a track that was inspired by Kanye.  T .I.P  was modelled after one of Ye's tracks. I'm sure you'll be able to tell which one.
Listen to Heartach3
Heartache II was a little less experimental than the first mixtape and also had a single on radio, My Queen . The mixtape is approximately 40 minutes.
Inspired by the previous mixtape there was a lot of intentional distortion on the vocals. I refer to this effect as heartache.
My Queen features B.laqphamas who added introductory lyrics to set the tone for the song.
Listen to Heartache II