"Compete until your haters brag they know you"

Stand A Chance To Get A Free Recording Session

Simply put, I'm going to be choosing 3 people to record, mix & master a track of their choice.

Terms & Conditions

Below are the terms & conditions of the competition:

Ts & Cs of entering

  • ​​Quite simple, just fill out the form below.
  • For recording session, must be willing to travel to Port Elizabeth.
  • If you want just mix & mastering, you can forfeit the recording session.
  • Tracks submitted must be on a streaming site such as soundcloud, audiomack etc.
  • The winning criteria will be based on raw talent, social media activity and track potential. Don't worry too much about quality.
  • Winner will be announced on Facebook and an email will be sent. 28 July 2018
Enter Here

Ts & Cs if you win:

  • Recording Sessions can only take place at my studio in Port Elizabeth
  • The Recording Session won't exceed 1 hour and 30 minutes from the agreed time
  • If you have already recorded the song, you can send in a track for just mixing & master instead. Therefore, you forfeit the recording session.
  • You're only allowed one addition person for the recording session. This person may be your photographer, manager or feature.
  • No drinking of alcohol is allowed during the session
  • No instrumental/beat will be provided. Bring Own Beat = BOB
  • Once track is complete, the following data MUST BE ATTACHED TO THE TRACK FILE TITLE. [Mix & Mastered by SkillMusicSA]
  • All rights of the song belong to you and the producer. I will not claim any writes, whatsoever.
  • If you're more than 15 minutes late for the session, you forfeit the prize. Remember, professional attitude.
  • The song will form part of my mixing portfolio, so it may appear on my website.