About Skill

"...artist's name resonates with his music because he is proving more that he really has "skills".
​-Frequency Magazine

"If music be the food of love, play on"  - W.Shakespeare​​​

Skill grew up with music within grasp. Learning the piano at six-years-old and then following that up with the tuba and drums, it was no wonder he was able to teach himself how to produce once he got a little older and realized he had a lyricist inside him dying to escape.

Today he performs in a unique way - rhyming while playing piano. That sets him apart almost as much as his storytelling does. Which listeners can find on his 2009 EPs, 2016’s Jumped On a Place and Wrote This, as well as him upcoming album set to drop early next year.
+10 years music production experience
Services consist of production, mixing & mastering, mentorship and more - click here for more
Qualifications: ATCL performance diploma on piano
For more information contact via whatsapp  +27835709602

Please feel free to download the pdf below for an extended portfolio