Are you in need of a beat that  waters taste buds and resonates in people's eardrums? A melody so sweet that instantly opens your mind's eye and makes the pool of creativity seem bottomless? My name is Skill, a South African producer, rapper and music maniac and I'm at your service.

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Music is an experience

Watch one of many beat videos being made to get a glimpse of me in my element and what I'm able to do.
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  1. “…you definitely have good charisma and I like the fun vibe of the lyrics/delivery”
    Chris Heinz, Mach1Ent
  2. " were superb, as usual- a Master of the Keyboard- thank you!"
    Michelle Brown, Brown's P.R
  3. "...artist's name resonates with his music because he is proving more that he really has "skills".
    Frequency Magazine
  4. "S.k.iLL is one of the best producers East London has, sh*t I'm a lucky MC."
  5. Anga Hackula ist der vielumjubelte gast beim kulturforum
    Harald Schydlo
  6. "...this is some inspirational stuff Man!"
    Wandile Mbambeni
  7. "I wish I could see you in da next coming years...producing good music,untswampu bro"
    Abongile Mgudu
  8. "You are sooooo good my brother"
    Sithole TB