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Are you in need of a beat that  waters taste buds and resonates in people's eardrums? A melody so sweet that instantly opens your mind's eye and makes the pool of creativity seem bottomless? My name is Skill, a South African producer, rapper and music maniac and I'm at your service. 
Welcome to my home. Please take the time to absorb some ivory trickle or watch me  making a beat. The blog I've setup is a combination of tips, tricks and everything in between that I've gathered in my music journey thus far.
To keep up to date with my work, join the mailing list. If you're interested in collaborating or an instrumental, let's connect via email:  info@skillmusicsa.com

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What Can I Do For You?

As you go through the website, you'll come across what I have to offer you.

This includes:
   •   Music - click here
   •   Music Production  - click here
   •   Production Mentorship  - click here
   •   Live Pianist - click here
   •   Industry Advise - click here

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